Effective Communication

It is impossible not to communicate. Even when we are in silence we are communicating. But are we always communicating in the best possible way? Are we really listening when someone communicates with us?

In organisations as well as in private life conflicts arise because of a lack of communication or an ineffective communication. It seems to be a simple thing, but it is actually very complicated.

Communication skills are essential for all major tasks in the workplace and out of the workplace, from understanding clients’ concerns and requests to ensuring that objectives are clear with your manager.

Effective and empathetic communication requires sensitivity and lightness of touch, and you can learn how to develop the core skills you need so that others will want to engage with you and hear what you have to say.

This workshop outlines the principles of Effective Communication. It explains why our communication often fails, and how to avoid the pitfalls.


Virtual workshop: 2-3h
Language: English, Italian, German
Max. participant number: 20


Outline principles of Effective Communication
Discuss why our communication often fails
Explore how to avoid pitfalls
Apply active listening
Practice how to give constructive feedback