How do you lead in a world where AI is more and more present?

How is AI impacting
our business environment
and the way we take decisions?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest changes that is impacting all of us at individual, organizational, and societal levels. Economists call AI a general-purpose technology. This kind of technology causes disruption not only through direct contribution to society, but also through the way the spill-over effect enables a vast range of complementary innovations, many of which you may not be aware of.


Sense-making can help you and your organization navigate the age of artificial intelligence more effectively through understanding the implications it has on all the different aspects of your life and work. It also stimulates you to ask the right questions and to use and practice your capacity to think critically and make sense of what surrounds us, to reflect on the big changes happening right now, and to prepare better for the changes of the future.


• Understanding how AI is changing our business environment
• Raising awareness and deepening understanding about how decision-making works in human beings on one side and AI on the other side
• Looking at existing dilemmas surfaced more explicitly through AI and newly arising – often ethical – dilemmas arising as a consequence of introducing AI inside organizations and in society-at-large
• Diving into how AI is affecting leadership competencies that are needed to navigate complexity more efficiently


This facilitated process, animated by different inputs and by a rigorous guidance of the group dynamics through professional facilitation, stimulates individual reflections and leverages collective intelligence during the group conversations.
Depending on the topic focus, the program could be delivered in a digital, virtual and f2f format, optimizing moments of learning, sharing and discussion.