How can I manifest my highest potential?

The ultimate goal of coaching is to bring out the very best in each individual in order to increase productivity, become more effective and better motivated

This service can be performed at various levels such as:

  • Individual Coaching (incl. executive coaching)
  • Team Coaching
  • Group Coaching

The aim of executive coaching is to develop leadership capabilities, help overcoming obstacles, learn how to coach others effectively, manage and drive change.

A coaching assignment involves typically the following phases:

  • Set-up & assessment
  • Coaching
  • Completion & measuring progress

Judith holds the ICF Certification:

Individual Coaching

We coach leaders at different levels helping them to enhance their performance and grow their potential. The individual coaching is done with a structure process that can include and initial assessment, stakeholder engagement, coaching, on-the-job assignments and progress review.                                                          

Team & Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are normally run with entire teams. With a facilitated process and utilizing the GROW Coaching model, the members of the team have the opportunity to align on how to meet as a team the organisation’s goals. It is a great opportunity to share, commit and drive collaboration.