Leader coach

The ability to coach has become a core competence for today's managers, and a key performance criterion for many successful organisations.
It requires managers to understand their own behavioural patterns, their leadership style, and the effect they have on those around them, to get the best out of their team. While coaching can help you manage and motivate, retain key staff and deliver results through the success of your people, the skills required - listening and receiving feedback from individuals, and identifying clear and relevant directions for their personal development - may not come naturally.
When managers learn to coach they enable individuals and teams to perform more effectively and with greater engagement.


  • Acquire tools to implement new skills as a leader
  • Increase others' awareness, sense of responsibility, autonomy and self-confidence by leading people to achieve their goal through action.
  • Explore new ways of motivating others
  • Unlock people's potential
  • Integrate coaching principles: trust, alliance, presence, possibility
  • Create conscious working agreements
  • Develope strong relationships with team members


As a very interactive, coaching based, training program, participants will experience coaching and apply coaching.


Virtual workshop: 3x2h
Target: Leaders
Language: English, Italian, German