Judith Eberl

Judith is passionate about helping individuals to drive the now and prepare for the future in a context of continuous evolution.
With over 20 years experience leading and supporting organisational development activities in multinational organisations, Judith’s passion has always been helping individuals in organisations prepare for future horizons, focusing on driving business performance with a sustainable spin.
One of Judith’s main drivers is to provide space for global conversations around external changes that matter and help individuals to reflect about how these changes impact the way we live and lead. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most relevant changes that are affecting all of us at different levels. Judith loves to facilitate conversations where, leveraging on collective intelligence, individuals and leaders have the opportunity to gain new insights, practice a strategic leadership mindset and develop flexibility in the face of change.

Adrijana Strnad

Two passions connect in her work: passion for business and passion for people, partnering in the quest to expand the boundaries of what teams can achieve together, in collaboration. She works as a change catalyst - in pursuit to ignite leadership wisdom and dare by challenging all the “yes, BUT”’s, “but, you CAN’T”’s and “IMPOSSIBLE”’s of the learned helplessness of the corporate world. She believes in simplicity, in working with the spirit of play, daring to dream big, owning our choices and showing up in life. As a coach, trainer and facilitator Adrijana helps organisations excel by developing their capacity to transform. She supports teams of executives in leading their organisations towards sustainable long-term success by mastering the craft of change - levelling up their leadership skills, and deploying systemic, participatory leadership approaches in building and implementing effective strategies to navigate complexity, uncertainty and change.

Damian Fearns

Real change happens when you face a challenge, get to know it, then move beyond it, packing the treasure into your bag as you journey on…
A psychologist by background, Damian has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in working with diverse groups and individuals in leadership, coaching, therapeutic and teaching roles. For the last 8 years his work has been focussed on creating and delivering comprehensive leadership programs for global organisations. As he is always teaching, he is always learning, with a particular interest in neuropsychology, behavioural science, health and technology. Damian is driven to understand humans, how we work and how we make the most of our untapped potentials. He has a relaxed manner, builds rapport quickly, is passionate about his work and presents with clarity and verve.