An Introduction

NEWSFLASH: Artificial intelligence creates a dish! Circus peanut Jello salad!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher Janelle Shane furnished a neural network (which includes various AI technologies) with a bunch of old American recipes to see what it would create. The network “cooked up” plenty of curious cuisine including chocolate cake with horseradish (see more dishes here). While developing tasty dishes may not currently be AI’s greatest strength, have you ever wondered what it is good at, how is it changing us, our business environment, and our world? And what will it do in the future?


Virtual workshop: 2h
Language: English
Max. participant number: 100

Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence and its potential to dramatically change our world.

Economists call AI a general-purpose technology. This kind of technology causes disruption not only through direct contribution to society, but also through the way the spill-over effect enables a vast range of complementary innovations, many of which you may not be aware of.
In this introductory session we will begin to reflect on the impact AI has and ignite your curiosity not only to explore what you KNOW that you don’t know, but also aspects you DON’T KNOW that you don’t know.
This session is for those who are beginners in understanding AI and the aim is to help you to make sense of what’s going on and serves as a preview for further offerings in this field that could help you and your organisation navigate the age of artificial intelligence more effectively.

Judith, Adrijana and Damian facilitate a conversation around:

  • The connection between Human and Artificial Intelligence
  • What AI is and how it works
  • Where AI is present in the Business Environment
  • Rising of new Dilemmas
  • Impact on Decision-making