Managing dilemmas is at the core of many governance and management processes within organisations and at societal level.

This third program focuses on existing dilemmas surfaced more explicitly through AI and newly arising – often ethical – dilemmas arising as a consequence of introducing AI inside organisations and in society-at-large.


Virtual Masterclass: 2h
Language: English
Workshop cost per participant:
Euro 150


  • Explore what dilemmas are and how we can deal with them
  • Reflect on the dilemmas emerging from the introduction of AI technologies and their various applications
  • Discuss how to reconcile AI-related dilemmas
  • Reflect on how this affects me and my environment


  • Dilemmas: What is a dilemma?
  • AI related dilemmas: Which are dilemmas that have become more evident thanks to the presence of AI? Which are new dilemmas that have emerged because of the introduction of AI? In which area can AI help to manage some of these dilemmas?
  • Dilemma reconciliation: How do we deal with those AI-related dilemmas? How do we reconcile dilemmas?
  • Impact: How can I make sense of this external change? What impact does it have on our society, our organisations and on me?


This interactive workshop gives participants the opportunity to practice a visionary and transformational leadership mindset, improve responsiveness to external developments and develop flexibility in the face of change.

The workshop is based on the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge which mobilise, systemise and exploit individual and group experience to produce deep insights and long-term perspectives.

It will stimulate participants to ask new questions and to use and practice their capacity to think critically and to make sense of what surrounds us.


This facilitated process, animated by different inputs and by a rigorous guidance of the group dynamics through professional facilitation, stimulates individual reflections and leverages collective intelligence during the group conversations.