Putting us, human beings at the centre, the first program focuses on how AI is changing our business environment. Starting from what we do as human beings, how our brains work, we move to the meaning of intelligence and more specifically Artificial Intelligence. We look into what AI is and how it is applied. Exploring the increasingly complex environment we live in, we reflect on the impact AI has at societal, organisational and individual level.


Digital learning: 4 workouts
Virtual workshops: 3 x 90min
Overall program duration: 6-8 weeks
Language: English
Max participant number: 20
Program cost per participant: Euro 750


  • Explore how the human being works and how the modern brain has evolved
  • Provide essentials on AI technologies and their applications
  • Discuss the role AI has in an increasingly complex world
  • Reflect on how this affects me and my environment


Human evolution: What can humans do?

  • Artificial Intelligence: What is it and how is it applied? What can we foresee in terms of future developments?
  • Complexity: Why is the world becoming more and more complex and what is the role of technology and particularly AI in it?
  • Impact: How can I make sense of this external change? What impact does it have on our society, our organisations and on me?


This program gives participants the opportunity to practice a visionary and transformational leadership mindset, improve responsiveness to external developments and develop flexibility in the face of change.

The program is based on the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge which mobilise, systemise and exploit individual and group experience to produce deep insights and long-term perspectives.

The whole reflective journey stimulates participants to ask new questions and to use and practice their capacity to think critically and to make sense of what surrounds us.


This is a purely digital & virtual program which is made up of 3 virtual sessions and 4 digital modules trigger the thinking process throughout. This facilitated process animated by different inputs and by a rigorous guidance of the group dynamics through professional facilitation, stimulates individual reflections and leverages collective intelligence during the group conversations.