AI Applications

AI is already present and applied in multiple fields, industries and businesses. During the Executive Forum in Lugano participants touched upon a few areas and discussed how AI can support humans in a collaborative manner.



  • MEDICINE > Tumor detection

Computer-aided interpretation of medical images are outperforming human interpretation. We can expect AI-based diagnostic systems to become a standard in medicine.

  • PHARMACY > Drug Creation

There are more than 100 startups in the world focused on discovering new Drugs in an automated way using AI in their processes. Some are already working and bringing positive results.

  • MEDICAL ENGINEERING > Intelligent Prosthetic

Researchers are working on automated prosthetic, like an artificial hand capable of predicting how you want to move your fingers analysing the environment and your arm movements.

  • MEDICINE > Death Prediction

AI can help prioritizing patient care dependent on their mortality risk and possibility of curing.

  • MASS PRODUCTION > Defects Detection

AI is often used to find problems in mass-produced objects, and it is really useful when it comes to millimeter-size defects. This is often the case in metallurgy, and in Glass Fiber production.

  • MAINTENANCE > Fabric Supervision

There are companies who deployed drones to fly all over their photo-voltaic plant to check if there is any problem and to fix it when possible, all in an automated way.

  • PREVISION > Predictive Maintenance

AI can predict with precision when a certain machine require maintenance, reducing risk from unexpected failures and optimising production speed.

  • CYBERSECURITY > Cyber-threats detection

Certain anti-virus programs analyse the behaviors of any software, recognizing the malicious ones through finding common patterns with other threats, entirely based on AI.

  • RETAIL > Fully automated Cash Desk

You can take products off the shelf and go home. Cameras track your actions, recognize you and send the bill directly to your credit card.


Repetitive tasks occur a lot during customer service interactivity and can increasingly be performed by AI. The performance of chatbots are continuously improving.


AI based HR can speed up the recruitment process and facilitate the initial screening through prior analysis of received CVs.

  • PSYCHOLOGY > Sentiment Analysis

AI can be used on social media to do sentiment analysis and e.g. detect higher probability of suicidal actions. This can inform preventative action.

  • INTERPRETATION > Real time Translation

Speaking different languages while still understanding each other is achievable now thanks to AI.

  • JOURNALISM > Fake news Detection

AI is used to detect fake news and stop it from spreading on social media.

  • JOURNALISM >News generation

The current job made by newspapers can be performed by AI who can use various information sources to produce edited articles.

  • HUMAN RESOURCES > Client Churn

AI can be used to detect behavioral patterns that are early indicators of clients leaving a company.

  • AUTOMATION > Exploratory Drone

What if you can have drones flying by themselves in the wood searching for lost people? They can already go through classical forest paths they never saw, avoiding obstacles.

  • AUTOMATION > Autonomous Driving

AI has achieved major breakthrough in autonomous driving. This has stimulated debates around ethical questions.

  • AUTOMATION > Self-Organizing Systems

Multi-agent technology is used for real-time scheduling of e.g. taxis, rental cars, trains

  • EDUCATION >My teacher is an AI

A personal teacher dedicated to a single student, capable of understanding him of helping him in the best way is possible: it can be done with AI.