How do you lead effectively in a world of constant change and ambiguity?

How can sensemaking help you understand
and work with complexity and ambiguity
in your workplace?

The Navigating Complexity & Ambiguity Program is designed to cover the key topics around the management of challenges in a continuous evolving and complex environment. The environment we work in is full of complex challenges and systems which can’t be simply understood and solved, which is why it is necessary to look at these with a systems approach and learn how to navigate complexity even in ambiguous scenarios, being able to sit in the not-knowing and make informed decisions that take into account all the relevant factors.


Sense-making comes as a crucial skill in navigating complexity, one that allows us to process and observe all the relevant factors and draw insights from the increasingly complex environment we operate in. Sense-making can help us understand and adapt in novel situations, better inform our decision-making and guide us towards sustainable business strategies.


• Become comfortable to work and lead in ambiguity
• Learn to take a systemic approach
• Observe what is going on inside and outside
• Engage with the system to think, make sense and take decisions collaboratively
• Develop the capacity to be in the ‘not knowing’
• Design new solutions by applying systems thinking taking into consideration both processes and people
• Develop personal and organisational learning agility


Experiential, affirmative, interactive, business relevant.
Integrated participative processes, methods and tools designed to engage the team in meaningful conversation, deliberate collaboration, and group-supported action for the common good.
Team conversations supported by principles that: maximize collective intelligence; welcome and listen to diverse viewpoints; maximize participation; transform conflict into creative cooperation.

Navigating Complexity & Ambiguity Workshop 27-29
November 2024